Korea - Romantic place

Popular Korean Drama and Tourism Thanks to Natural BeautyCOMPARED other Asian countries, Korea, China, and Japan has its own uniqueness. They are very attached to the valuable eastern culture. However, at the same time, they are also able to become a leader for technology issues.Not fate as well if the third is a favorite destination in Asia for year-end holidays. Korea for example, in the past year, the number of foreign tourists to Korea in 2007 were 67,000. Tourists who come mostly from Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Mentioned also in that year, the number of tourists from Indonesia increased by 7.3 percent.
The high number of tourists in Indonesia do not just happen. State of ginseng is increasingly familiar to us thanks to the help of Korean drama series which wara-Wiri on national television. In addition, Korea also had to host the 2002 World Cup. From this, many tourists were moved to come there. Nami Island is one of the tourist sites in the Korean drama series that lifted thanks to a boom in our country, which is Winter Sonata.
If you want to know more about Korea anymore, you have come to the National Folk Museum. This place turned out to be in Gyeongbok Palace and is also adjacent to the Blue House, South Korean presidential office.
Located in a spacious courtyard, the National Folk Museum is not only equipped with a display in the room, also provides a view outside the room, including a special section for children.
In front of the museum, you can watch the performance engrossed the royal soldiers dressed in red, like when you watch the drama series Dang Jang Geum. Gyeongbok Palace is not to be missed just like that.
The palace which was built during the Joseon Dynasty in 1934, you can down one by one building. Among other space empress, king bedroom, to study and learning. Well, if you're interested in seeing keeksotisan Korea, the country is worthy entry in the list of tours year-end holidays.