Rusia - Moscow the classical city

AS most expensive city in the world, Moscow does not offer the concept of the modern city. The capital of Russia is just showing an old town planning classical architecture.As the plane landed at Domodedovo Airport, Moscow, not the cold that greeted me. Which is exactly blazing sun. In fact, at that time was 17:30 o'clock local time. Yes, there was still time sesore bright like at 13:00 in Jakarta.
In Russia, the sun working hours more than the moon. The transmitter beam is just behind the cage at about 2200 hrs and will re-stocking charm at around 4 am. In fact, there is one day in June, the sun worked almost all day. All day the night only to come no more than an hour.
Learn a little story of day and night who introduced me to Moscow, the largest city in Russia, even the largest in Europe.
As the capital city, the city is decorated Moscow River was the center of political, economic, religious, financial, education, and transportation of the country which was once called the Soviet Union. In this land also widely scattered scientists and educational institutions, as much bertebarnya sports facilities.
Not only that, Moscow could be regarded as the capital city of the conglomerate. Home is where the millionaires. The city is even spelled out most of the world's gave birth to the rich. Naturally, if the end of 2007 this city was asked as the most expensive city in the world for two consecutive years.
Unfortunately, as the most expensive city Moscow does not featuring modern buildings like other major cities such as Tokyo or Los Angeles. Here it is the old buildings scattered relics of a bygone era. That said, local governments are banning the entire refurbishment of existing heritage buildings in this city.
Even so, the old buildings still display the charm. As some of which is on Red Square, one of the locations in the city center is very popular as a tourist location. This field separates the Kremlin, a state palace residence of President of Russia, with Kitaigorod, shopping centers in Moscow.
Kremlin original 18 towers decorated, but the number was increased to 20 in the 17th-century ago. Spasskaya Tower became the tallest and most famous. The tower was built in 1725 that plays 71 yards. The palace was covered wall to reach the area along the 27.5 hectares.
Not only the Kremlin and Kitai-gorod is so ornate Red Square. In place of the original language called Krasnaya ploshchad it also stands a Saint Basil's Cathedral. Traditionally, this is a church that has a lot of cone-shaped roof colorful. Traditionally, this cathedral symbolizes Russia's unique position between Europe and Asia. In addition to Saint Basil, there are also several other churches with architecture that is not less unique in this Red Square area.
Enchantment Moscow not only rely on Red Square. There are many other locations that are so delicious to the eye such as the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. This is the West Orthodox Church in the world. The church is not far from the Moscow River, a few blocks west of the Kremlin.
In other areas there are also Ostankino Tower which is a television and a radio transmitter there. Height reaches 540 meters. Tower, designed by Nikolai Nikitin was listed as number three tallest tower in the world after the Burj Dubai.
For you who love music, this city offers a place called Moscow International Performance Arts Center, which opened in 2003. This place is also known as the Moscow International House of Music, a stage that ordinary classical music stage. In this building there is the largest organ in Russia.
But for tourists, to Moscow would not be complete if not visited the Old Arbat. This is the name of the most famous street for the tourists. Its location is situated in the heart of bohemian area that many buildings adorned with ancient relics of the 20th century.
Number of tourist sites in Moscow is not meant to spend a lot of money for transportation. The tourists with paspasan budget need not worry. No need to take a taxi to visit the various tourist sites here. In this city there is the Metro, a subway transportation system that reaches all corners of this city.