TERMS sandwich said to have originated from the name of a British national, John Montagu. Nobility nicknamed "4th Earl of Sandwich" is living around 1718-1792. One version tells the story, Montagu loved the card game until kecanduan.Dia berjamjam could spend every day just to play cards. I was so much fun, the nobility was reluctant to move from his chair. Which when hunger comes, "Earl of Sandwich" still not willing to leave his card game just to eat. He was eventually ordered a special meal. To make it easier to eat while playing cards, the food was incorporated into the two slices of bread. This is believed to be the embryo of the birth of a sandwich which now has worldwide and multiply the types and variations. Sandwich is a food that is very practical because it already contained carbohydrate, protein, and fiber. Classic sandwich usually contains only a slice of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, bacon, and cheese are tucked away among the press of bread that has been coated with mayonnaise or tomato sauce. Now, with high creativity and imagination, you can be the creation of any food as a sandwich filling, do not have fixed on a classic sandwich grip. Stuffing materials (filling) can be selected according to the desired category, like salty-savory or sweet? There are many options to get a delicious taste, including eggs (boiled or scrambled), fresh vegetables, bacon, chopped tuna, grilled chicken, seafood, mushrooms, and the various sauces or spreads (mayonnaise, ketchup, butter). Meanwhile, for sweet sandwiches can dikreasikan by adding pieces of fresh fruit such as strawberries, mango, and kiwi. The sauce is a butter substitute, syrup, honey, or butter. Innovation also comes from the bread as the locking material to prevent scattered field. While initially only used plain white bread, now feel fit various types of bread made sandwiches, including bread wheat (brown bread), roll (bun), focaccia, croissants, baquette, French bread, known even more Crusty.