Fuel Traditional Japanese Rice

Eating Japanese food seems to be a trend and lifestyle of people around the world. Through Japanese cuisine, we can enjoy healthy and delicious food.Japanese cuisine is often referred to by the vegetarians or those who are undergoing a low-fat diet. This is due, among other things, the basic material largely in the form of vegetable food. Japanese marine resources potential is also quite kaya.Maka not surprisingly, seafood (seafood) is often found in every Japanese restaurant, of which processing method is different. Even in Japan, not a few people who eat seafood in a fresh condition and mentah.Sesuai with Takigawa mission, which serves the best Japanese cuisine and varied with a unique and delicious taste, the food here is made in a variety of options penyajian.Salah one that became a favorite and targeted consumers are Takigawa kamameshi menu, or collectively, the traditional Japanese rice burn.
Actually, this is not a menu of baked rice, but rice is cooked by steaming like biasa.Yang unique and that makes this menu is called the rice burns, because rice is served in a small hot pot, which is imported from Japan. "Because rice and lauknya included in the hot pots, rice is always in a state of heat so that its shape was similar to the rice burns, "said Branch Supervisor Takigawa Japanese Restaurant Serpong Muhammad Mukmin.Menu rice contains a complete dish, which is eel, crab, salmon, clams, shrimp, chicken, and some types of vegetables such as carrots and shitake mushrooms.
Material contained in the rice fields varied enough fuel, so that the resulting taste was diverse. For example, chickens are ground and cooked with sweet spices. For those who like spicy, do not ever forget to put chili powder into your menu. "How to eat rice mixed together so that all the meat mixture and produce a unique taste. The menu is very rarely found in other Japanese restaurants," a believer. Japanese cuisine is now often a mix of various kinds of food from various countries.
As the proliferation of Japanese restaurants in several countries, the menus are then categorized as Japanese cuisine also becoming are manifold. As there are a variety of sushi in Takigawa. Sushi processed with modern creations by the chef to produce new flavors that remain loved by fans of this menu. Call it Takigawa roll. Sushi menu includes grilled favorites and best sellers. It was a salmon, scallops, and crab stick on it watered-made special sauce Takigawa. Taste is a bit like a mayonnaise sauce.
Topping tobico or fly fish eggs into the final touch to this menu. "The taste of salmon and melted sauce make this sushi disukai.Apalagi at first presentation, where the sauce is still in a melted state," said one visitor Takigawa Serpong, Uma Teresabel. Still want to add your sushi menu? Try the crunch-crunch roll, which is also a menu mainstay, although recently launched. As the name implies, sushi is presented is very crisp. "Children and adults would like it because the texture garingnya before," added the believer. To maintain the quality of food, almost all raw materials imported from Japan, such as rice, unagi (eel), salmon, and fish amachi.