Holidays in Seoul is less fun if you do not explore other areas in the city. The area has a population of 12 million but far from the chaotic impression, especially heavy smoke this vehicle has dozens of attractions. One of the unique object is the Itaewon area, which is famous with its crazy hours. "Called at crazy because it can make crazy," said Aris and Budi, a member of staff of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.Budi show crazy hours around his left wrist. After scrutiny, the clock numbers on the clock it was not located properly and not sequentially. As a result, if not familiar, would be "crazy" rack my brain to guess the time indicated.Unfortunately, the clock is only available on the black market at the Hamilton Hotel, Itaewon. In addition to being sold at crazy 100-200 U.S. dollars, many also import goods without taxes, including perfume. According to Budi, to shop here should be cat and mouse. If it was a lot of raids by local police, this market is not willing to serve the customer.Remove from Itaewon, do not forget to Gyeongbok-gung Palace which was built in 1393 and the Museum of National Culture on the location of the palace. Then there Changgyeong-gung Palace which was built around the 15th century and Changdeok-gung Palace of the Joseon Dynasty are well maintained and designated as World Heritage by UNESCO.Sempatkanlah a walk in the World Cup Stadium, football stadium that is used in the 2002 World Cup. Not far from the stadium, two hill World Cup Park and Sangam-dong loomed green. Both this hill was once the garbage heap. During 1994-2001, the hill of garbage is dumped and used as a park. Garbage in it is processed into methane gas as a source of electricity.Right at the foot of the hill, lay Hangang Park which became part of the banks of the Han River. Han is a 541 kilometer long river that flows from South Korea to North Korea. In Seoul, Han River banks styled trim and green. Bike path and fitness equipment provided for use free of charge to residents.If you still have time, visit Insa-dong Street, a living cultural museum filled with antique shops, art galleries, shops calligraphy, handicrafts and various souvenir shops, teahouses and restaurants.No less interesting, just come to Seoul City Tower and 63 Building is the tallest building located in Yeoido. From this building, the scene around Seoul is evident. Stop by also to some classmates Dongdaemun market, the Myeong-dong and Namdaemun Market.For the roads still fun, do not forget to wear comfortable shoes and jackets. Rain often suddenly flushed, and usually fall day and night. However, no need to worry, a lot of stalls selling colorful patterned umbrella and pretty funny at the corners of the city. Congratulations adventure in this town if you have a chance!