Unique French Escargot

FRANCE has a variety of alluring dish known in various parts of the world. One to try is a menu called escargot, a delicious flavor.Each country has a wealth of culinary respectively. If in Indonesia, the various types of snails that can be consumed for dining with friends, friends or loved ones, in France also known tempting dishes made from snails. Menu was known as the escargot. Although often only served as an appetizer or sometimes used as food variety, who would have thought this menu can determine whether or not a good restaurant in France.Escargot is French for snail animal, or in English is called snail. These animals usually live in coastal areas, water areas, or rice fields. In some agricultural areas, these animals also frequently cultivated commercially. Because eating soil and leaves, escargot many contain toxins, one of which caused the nutrients contained in the soil. Therefore, before it is processed into food, escargot should first be cleaned of toxic elements and the process could take several days. However, after clean of toxins, escargot is cooking ingredients that contain very high nutritional value.Lots of mention for this one animal species, such as abalone, caracoles, queen conch, escargot, and escargot Bourgogne."Escargot treated with simple spices. Characteristic signature lies in the use of butter and garlic to taste, usually enough to add salt and pepper. Escargot Bourgogne is typically served as an appetizer," says Executive Chef Michelin French Cafe some time ago.How to enjoy it also keeps its own preoccupations. Usually serve escargot Bourgogne complete with shell or home siputnya.
Escargot uniqueness lies in the combination of spices that can be tailored to audience tastes. Suppose for Asian tongue, usually made more spicy than the menu for a European tongue.
"We can also combine various ingredients to escargot. Can be made with a sauce, but the most highly sought was escargot Bourgogne," added Michelin.