Featured Wine of Various Countries

ONE thing you should not miss during a visit to Pastis Wine & Dine, which is an adventure into the "world" wine. Yes, this place does offer quite a wide variety of wine, both for the newbie (newcomer) or the true lover of wine.Wines from Italy, France, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, and South Africa will look lined up on wooden shelves in Pastis Wine Spot. The room is intentionally opened on the right side of the entrance to the restaurant. The goal for the visitors who want to try or find out various kinds of wine, can immediately see it in plain view, not only from the names of wine on the menu.
"Judging from the name alone, namely Pastis, it's unlikely this restaurant does not provide a quality drink wine, and wine shop itself," said Monica Imelda.
Manager Pastis makes Italian wines as a mainstay. Quality wines from the country better than other countries, also known as a supplier of wine. One of them dry red wine called Amarone Della Valpolicella. At Pastis Wine Spot, there are about 2,000 bottles of wine which consists of hundreds of brands.
What makes Pastis Wine & Dine interesting is the price tag of Rp195.000 to bottled red wine Merlot or Next Code. This wine would make a great introduction to the lovers drink wine beginners. As for the who already know they like wine, Pastis also provides many options that classy.
"Excess wine shop in Pastis is the price that could be considered cheap, because this is excellent wine from various countries," said Monika again.
To increase the satisfaction of visitors who want to enjoy wine at Pastis, continued Monika, happy hour program was held. This program takes place every day between the hours of 17:00 to 20:00. In these hours, visitors who purchase a glass of beer and other alcoholic beverages will get one extra glass for the same type of beverage.
The names like Toaro Cabarnet Savignon, sparkling Moscato wine, Beaujolais Villages, Chateau Angelus, and Berta Grappa Tre Solitre which is a typical Italian wines and limited production, also owned Pastis Wine & Dine. As a complement, it will be more enjoyable if these prestige wines enjoyed with cheese platter.